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Make a safety plan

Consider what you would need if you had to leave your home quickly - eg. clothing, money and credit cards, medication, important documents such as passports, birth certificates, savings books and, if you have children, try to include a few of their toys as it can help reassure them. Keep important telephone numbers handy so you can get help and support quickly. Remember, although it is advisable to have a plan, NEVER leave yourself in a dangerous situation. In an emergency, call the police on 999 IMMEDIATELY.
You may feel that you have to leave your home because of threats, abuse or intimidation. It may, however, be possible for you to stay in your home if you take action and we would advise that you don't make a decision to leave permanently without seeking advice on all your options from a Housing Advisor, solicitor or professional with experience in domestic violence issues.
In the short term you may want to stay with friends or family for emotional support while you think about what to do next.

Further information on safety planning can be found: