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Your Borough Of Poole

Flooding and heavy rain

Flooding can occur for a number of reasons including: ground water levels; surface water run off; intense rainfall; drainage faults and blockages; lack of capacity in public sewers and in some cases, high tides and storm surge.

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked quickly when material like mud and stones are carried onto the highway during heavy rain and flooding. This situation can also occur during periods of leaf fall.

Reporting a flood 

If you wish to report flooding on or from public land or a highway, or to report blocked gullies or grating, you should contact us by using our flooding form or by phoning us on 01202 265255 so we can investigate.

What we do about flooding

 We aim to:

  • programme maintenance activities such as gully emptying to areas at greater risk of flooding
  • work with Wessex Water who are responsible for the public sewer beyond highway drainage
  • prioritise our planning and response based on Environment Agency alerts and warnings and liaise with the emergency services
  • encourage residents and businesses to plan and prepare for flooding
  • if feasible and time permits, be on site, notifying properties and business likely to be impacted by tidal flooding in and around Poole Quay, West Quay and Lower Hamworthy  
  • be on site during the risk period of any Environment Agency Warnings or Severe Warnings

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What we can’t do about flooding 

 We are unable to:

  • inspect, clean and prepare every drain, ditch and culvert
  • respond to every flooding incident. Inspection and response will be prioritised
  • provide sandbags and other flood defence equipment to residents or businesses

What you can do about flooding 

You can help by:

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