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Children's Services Privacy Statement

Why is personal information held?

All agencies who provide you with any kind of service have to keep personal information about you. This is so they can plan and give you the services you require.

What type of personal information is kept?

It depends on the service you are getting.  For example, health visitors keep information on how a child is developing, teachers on how a child is learning, and so on. The information is held confidentially either on computer or in a secure manual filing system.

Who is responsible for it?

Making sure your personal information is kept securely and up-to-date is the responsibility of each agency providing the service to you. Information about you is protected by law and has to be treated carefully. We are making sure that everyone working with you is clear about what the rules are.

Consent to share

Some information we have to pass on, with or without your consent.  For example, if we have a big concern about you or if we think other people may be at risk of harm; if we learn about a serious crime being planned or having been committed and also if a court tells us we must do so. Usually though we would talk to you about this before sharing with another agency.

Your information may also be shared with Government Departments where we are required to do so.

How to view your information

You have the right to ask us if we hold personal information, what it is used for and to view the information we hold. You also have the right to know whether we disclose your personal information to other people and to ask us to correct anything that is wrong.

Do I have the right to see all my personal information?

You have the right to see your personal information with some specific exceptions. For example, you will not be allowed to see personal information that contains details about someone else, even a member of your own family, until that person has given permission. There may be occasions when it would not be in your best interests to see it. If that is the case we will ensure that you are given a full explanation at the time so that you understand why this decision has been made.

Applying for access to your personal information

You will need to ask the professional working with you. Usually you will have to fill in an 'Access Request Form' or send a request in writing. We have to respond within 40 days of receiving your correctly completed application. Please note you may also be asked for a small fee of £10.

Schools Census Data

The Local Authority’s youth support services collect personal information from you and receives information about you from the Department for Education relating to Year 5 onwards. 

We hold this personal data to support its positive activities offer in Poole which is a Statutory Duty.

Information about you that we hold includes your name, address, date of birth and personal characteristics such as your ethnic group, any special educational needs you may have and relevant medical information.

If you would like to opt out of this arrangement, please contact the Business Support Officer, 5-19 Services, Dolphin Centre, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1SA. 

You can also contact us by telephone on 01202 262281.

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