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Child Health and Disability Team (CHAD)

Our Purpose

We provide tailored, focused support for families where there is a child with a severe disability, to empower the family to function effectively.

What we do

Chad offer specialist support to children when there are a combination of factors related to disability or  health condition, the family’s abilities to cope and the resources available to the family.

Our priority aim is to ensure the child develops to their full potential and is free from harm, neglect and abuse.

Most of the children we work with have multiple disabilities and health conditions that result in them having exceptional care needs.

The team can help in a range of ways depending upon the individual family circumstances covered in the assessment.  These may include:-

  • Co-ordination of a multi-agency plan to support the child and family.
  • Support with behaviour management.
  • Referrals to other specialist services for support.
  • Access to Sessional workers
  • Provision of Direct Payments to purchase additional care and support.
  • Overnight breaks for disabled children.

How do families access our service

Families in Poole can request an assessment of their situation by a member of this specialist team.

Following assessment, if a case does not meet criteria for CHAD Services we will provide advice and access to other sources of support including:

  • Open Access Short Breaks
  • Play schemes that are experienced and skilled in meeting complex needs.
  • Youth clubs that are experienced and skilled in meeting complex needs.
  • Family Support Social Care
  • CAMHS Learning Disability Service
  • Referrals to appropriate targeted services.

For general information, you can read the Poole Parenting Handbook.

Contact us


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Children, Young People & Learning
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