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Nationality Checking Service

Joint Citizenship and Passport Application Service

You are now able to apply for your UK passport at the same time as your citizenship application.

This easy, efficient service has been developed in partnership with the Home Office.

If your citizenship application is successful and a ceremony is attended, your new passport will be dispatched to your home.

The service costs an additional £10. Please call us on 01202 633726 to book your appointment.

What is the Nationality Checking Service?

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) was set up to help ensure that your citizenship application is properly completed and submitted with all the relevant supporting documents. Our advisers are trained and registered to check and forward your application. They will photocopy and certify your passport and other valuable documents so they remain in your safekeeping and send your application and correct fee to the Home Office by special delivery post.

The current fees for our service are £80 per adult application and £40 per child application. We ask that you pay the checking service fee at the time of booking your appointment.

Using the NCS is entirely optional and just gives you greater freedom of choice. You can apply directly to the Home Office yourself or use a solicitor or other agent.

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How do I use the Nationality Checking Service?

The NCS operates on an appointment only basis, you will not be seen without an appointment. To make an appointment, you should contact Poole Registration Services at:

  • The Guildhall, Market Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1NF 

  • T: 01202 633726

  • F: 01202 633725

  • Minicom: 01202 743636

  • registrars@poole.gov.uk

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What should I bring to my appointment?

When you book an appointment we will give you more information on what you must bring with you. But in summary:

You must make your application in person. If you are married or in a civil partnership and want to make a joint application, then both of you must visit in person. If you have children under 18 years old, they do not have to be present.

You must bring the following documents with you:

  • Completed citizenship application form.

  • Original copy of your successful 'Life in the UK' test certificate / ESOL certifiaces. (Naturalisation only)

  • All the necessary documents as explained in the application form guideline notes.

  • The citizenship application fee (payable to the Home Office).

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Will the Council give me advice about nationality?

The Borough Of Poole Council will not be able to provide advice on nationality matters. If you require advice, you can contact the Nationality Helpdesk on 0300 1232253. Lines are open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday.

The Home Office website also offers nationality advice.

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Will my application be dealt with more quickly?

NCS is not a priority service for processing your application with the Home Office. However complete and accurate forms are processed, on average, more quickly than those that are incomplete or which need further enquiries.

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How do I know the Borough of Poole is competent to offer the checking service?

Our advisers are registered with the Office of the Immigration Commissioner (OISC), an independent body established by Parliament, which regulates organisations offering services of this kind.

In providing the Nationality Checking Service, staff have been fully trained by Home Office Nationality experts and provided with a set of desk instructions, which set out the precise extent of their duties.

If a client requires advice or services, which are outside our remit, the adviser will refer that person to the Home Office and record the fact.

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Do I have to pay for the checking service?

You will be receiving a Client Care letter informing you of all fees due.

The fees reflect the cost of providing the service and we make no profit from this service.

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