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Street Trading Licence

What is Street Trading?

Street Trading is defined as the selling or offering for sale of any article in the street.

Permission is required from Borough of Poole and responsibility for this is divided between Poole Town Centre Partnership, Culture & Community Learning and Environmental & Consumer Protection Services.

  • Poole Town Centre Partnership manage all Street Trading and Market Trading in the town centre. Details of pitches and how to apply for permission can be found at Poole Town Centre Partnership.  

  • Culture and Community manage all Concessions and Street Trading that takes place in open spaces and parks in Poole. This includes responsibility for the beaches and promenades - see document Street Trading Locations which you can download.

  • Environmental and Consumer Protection Services have responsibility for all other locations in Poole. Currently there are no available pitches identified as being suitable for Street Trading in these locations.

You do not need Street Trading consent if you are:

  • Trading as a Pedlar under licence issued by a Police Authority

  • A market trader operating at a licensed market venue

  • A news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

  • If you are trading on private land you may not need a consent. To confirm the situation you are advised to contact us. The landowner may need planning permission and you are advised to contact the Council's Planning Office.


A pedlar is defined as someone who travels and trades on foot, going from town to town or house to house selling goods or offering their skills in handicrafts. A pedlar must hold a certificate granted by a chief constable. It cannot be issued to anyone under 17 years. It is valid for one year and applies throughout the UK.

A person legitimately trading as a pedlar may trade in the street provided they: abide by the following rules;

·        A pedlar is a pedestrian

·        They trade while travelling rather than travelling to trade

·       They must not remain stationery for long periods and should only stop when approach by a customer.

·        A pedlar cannot set up a stall or set up goods on any surface e.g. floor/wall

A pedlar is exempt from street trading rules and boundaries.

A pedlar’s certificate is not required by the following:

·        Commercial travellers

·        Sellers of vegetables, fish, fruit or vituals (essentially any food items)

·        Market traders

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