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Business Rates - Your Questions Answered

How has the increase been agreed?

The level of increase is determined by Central Government and we have no part in this process.

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Where can I find out more about Business Rates?

Central Government now have a website to help businesses with a range of issues including details about business rates. 

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What does my NDR cover?

All the money collected by us is paid direct to Central Government. Some of it comes back to us by means of a grant, which gets added to the Council Tax collected and goes towards local amenities and services.

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I cant afford to pay, what should I do?

If you are finding it difficult to pay your bill when it is due, please contact us on 01202 634233

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What are my payment options?

These are shown on the front of the bill and include direct debit, credit/debit card, internet banking or payment through this website, payment at a bank or post office or at our cash office at the Civic Centre.

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What can I do online?

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How do I appeal against the Rateable Value of my property?

Contact the Valuation Office Agency or phone 03000 501501. You must continue to pay your existing Business Rates bill based on the current rateable value even if you are appealing against the valuation.

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Can I have a copy of my bill for last year?

This depends on whether there have been any adjustments throughout the year and if so, which bill is required. Please call us on 01202 634233 to investigate further.

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Do I have to pay Business Rates on an empty property?

Please view the Business Rates - Legislation Changes page

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Transparency / Freedom of Information Requests.

In the download section, on the right hand side of this page, there are 3 spreadsheets which can be viewed / downloaded in a searchable format. These cover the various reliefs that businesses are currently claiming along with any credit balances that the council has written off.

The spreadsheets will be updated quarterly & for any FOI requests outside of this information please submit these through here

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Can I get my property taken out of the rating list?

If your property is not capable of beneficial occupation -“ for instance, if it is in poor condition and cannot be economically repaired - your valuation officer may judge that it should be taken out of the rating list altogether. However, please be aware that if the state of your property is damaged for the purposes of avoiding rates, under new anti-avoidance legislation introduced by the Government the Valuation Office will be required to disregard the change in the property’s state when assessing its rateable value. So for instance, if the roof is removed from an empty property for the purpose of avoiding rates, it may be valued as if the roof had not been removed

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How will my rates liability be affected if my property is only partly occupied?

If a property is only partly occupied, the billing authority has discretion to request that the valuation officer apportions the property's rateable value between its occupied and unoccupied parts.

Broadly speaking, the empty property rate applies to the empty part of an apportioned building and the occupied business rate applies to the occupied part.

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Can I appeal against the change in my rates liability?

The changes in rates liability arising from the reforms to empty property relief are not in themselves grounds for appeal. However, if you disagree with the rateable value that appears in the current rating list entry for your property, under the existing arrangements you may challenge it by making a `proposal’ against it to your local valuation office. Your rights of appeal are not affected by the reforms to empty property relief and you can contact this authority (details are on the right hand side of this page) or the local Valuation Office for further information about the arrangements for making proposals.

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