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Business Rate Reductions

Small Business Rate Relief - SBRR

This is available at 100% for ratepayers occupying single properties with a Rateable Value up to £6000, with relief decreasing in percentage terms on a sliding scale until it is 0% at £12000. The relief is only available to ratepayers with either:

  • one property, or
  • one main property and other additional properties providing those additional properties have Rateable Values of less than £2600

The Rateable Value of the single property mentioned or the combined Rateable Value of all properties must be under £18000.

Ratepayers of eligible business properties with Rateable Values between £12000 and £18000 can apply for relief and will have their bills calculated using the small business non-domestic rating multiplier which is £0.484 for 2016/17.

If a ratepayer ceases to be eligible on a day during the year in question, the relief will cease on that day.

You can download and complete the Small Business Rate Relief Application Form or contact Financial Services.

The government will relax the SBRR rules to allow businesses in receipt of SBRR taking on an additional property to retain SBRR on the first property for 1 year, with effect from 01 April 2014.

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Mandatory and Discretionary Relief

Registered Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs are entitled to relief from rates on any non-domestic property which is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes. Relief is granted at 80% of the total bill. An additional 20% relief can be granted at the discretion of the Council.

Non-profit making organisations that are not entitled to Mandatory Relief may apply for Discretionary Relief of up to 100%.

You can download and complete the Discretionary Rate Relief Application for Charitable Organisations Form or contact Financial Services.

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Hardship Relief

A ratepayer may apply to the Council for hardship relief. 

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Transitional Relief

The Valuation Office carries out a re-valuation of all commercial premises every five years. This takes into account any improvements or decline in the area where the property is based, which could affect the rental values of a property.

When a Rateable Value is increased and therefore the Rates Payable will increase, a Transitional Relief scheme operates which limits the amount by which an account can increase. The transitional relief is phased out over 5 years to tie in with the Valuation Office revaluation period. For most properties the Transitional Relief will end before the fifth year with the annual amount payable becoming the actual Rates Payable as explained by Rateable Values.

The transitional relief scheme has to be self-financing and to achieve this there is a corresponding element which limits the amount by which an account can reduce following a re-valuation.

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