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Council Tax Discounts

Council Tax – Single Person Discount Review

The Borough of Poole, together with the other councils in Dorset is undertaking a review of single person Council Tax discount recipients across the county.

The review will be undertaken by Capita on behalf of all councils, using information from credit reference agencies.

Single person discount is an entitlement that the Councils are keen to ensure is claimed by taxpayers who are genuinely entitled, especially in these trying economic times.  However, taxpayers who claim the discount improperly place an unnecessary burden on other residents.

Please don’t worry if you receive a letter, we are just wanting to make sure that those people genuinely entitled to the discount are getting it. You will just need to fill in the form and send it back to the address identified on the letter.

Equally, we need to ensure that people are no longer claiming the discount if their circumstances have changed and they are no longer eligible

Council Tax Discounts

A full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two or more adults, aged 18 years or above living in a dwelling. If you are the only adult, you will be entitled to a 25% discount. 

Council Tax is calculated on the assumption that two adults reside at a property. However certain people can be disregarded which may result in a 25% or even 50% discount being granted.

  • under 18's - Disregarded. Exempt if living alone.

  • over 18's - Disregarded when child benefit is still payable.

  • school & College leavers - Where they have been undertaking study at no higher than 'A' level will be exempt until 31 October following the summer exams.

  • students - 1/  aged under 20 undertaking a course for more than 3 months with a minimum 12 hours tuition/study per week. The course should be no higher than ‘A’ level.

                      2/  undertaking a course of at least one academic or calendar year with a Prescribed Educational Establishment. The course should consist of a minimum 24 weeks term time and 21 hours of study/tuition per week

                       3 /  foreign language assistants

Please note: Students must supply a ‘student certificate’ obtainable from their college which confirms their date of birth, course dates and whether it is full time. Houses wholly occupied by full time students will be exempt.

  • Apprentices must be learning a trade and studying towards a recognised qualification. Salary must be £195.00pw maximum
  • Prisoners must be detained in a prison, hospital or any other place by a court (includes if out on temporary release). If a property is left empty due to detention, it will be exempt. Prisoners do not qualify if imprisoned due to non-payment of Council Tax! (or a fine)
  • Severely Mentally Impaired must have a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning, however caused. Must be in receipt of at least one of certain benefits and the application form must be signed by his/her doctor. If sole occupier will be exempt.
  • Hospital Patients must be permanently in hospital. If was sole occupier, the empty property will be exempt if that person is still liable for the council tax
  • People in Care Homes or Hostels must be permanent. This will include persons in a home due to illness, mental disorder or alcohol/drug abuse. If was sole occupier the empty property will be exempt if that person is still liable for the council tax
  • Residents in Hostels for homeless people where the majority of facilities are communal
  • Carers  -  1/  Must be providing care on behalf of a local authority or charity

                      2/  Must be employed by the person receiving care and have                                  been introduced by a charitable body.

or                   3/  Must be caring for someone in receipt of certain benefits.

In respect of 1) and 2) above the carer must be employed for at least 24 hours per week and earn no more than £44.00pw.

In respect of 3) the carer must provide care for at least 35 hours per week and the person receiving care must not be the husband, wife or partner or son/daughter who is under 18. Certain allowances must be in payment:-

Attendance Allowance, an Increase in the rate of Disablement Pension or the care component of the Disability Living Allowance, at the middle or highest rate.

  • Members of Religious Communities i.e. nuns, must have no income or capital of their own and be dependent on the Community.

  • Members of International HQ & Defence Organisations member, or dependant, will be disregarded or exempt if sole occupier/s.

  • Members of Visiting Forces members and their dependants are disregarded when they are neither British citizens nor usually resident in the UK.

  • National Traineeship Trainees must be under 25 and receiving training in line with an individual training plan under the National Traineeship Scheme.

You can apply for Council Tax discount by downloading and completing our Council Tax Discount Form or by contacting Financial Services.

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