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Local Housing Allowance Rates

LHA Rates

Figures valid from for 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2016

Please note: The LHA rates are not set by the Borough of Poole, but by the Valuation Office Agency. 

The rates from 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 are:

Household entitlement

   Weekly    Monthly
A: One bedroom, shared accommodation level   £65.48   £283.75
B: One bedroom, self-contained level   £123.58   £535.51
C: Two bedroom level   £153.02   £663.09
D: Three bedroom level   £188.79   £818.09
E: Four bedroom level   £253.15   £1096.98


Please note: To work out the weekly amount you are charged to calculate your Housing Benefit award a monthly rental is multiplied by 12 months and divided by 52 weeks.

  • If you are single and aged under 35, generally the appropriate rate is Category A: One bedroom, shared accommodation.
  • If you are single and aged over 35, you may be entitled to the Category B: One bedroom, self-contained rate if you have exclusive use of 2 ‘living’ rooms - such as a bedroom and your own lounge, or 2 bedrooms - even if you share a bathroom and / or kitchen.

Please see the Valuation Office Agency's site for confirmation of these details. Poole is covered by the 'Bournemouth' BRMA.  

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Room Requirements

Local Housing Allowance refers to different categories of allowance which relate to different sizes of property. We will decide how many rooms, according to the Housing Benefit rules, you will need. Tenants with similar circumstances are entitled to the same category of LHA.

The category that you are entitled to depends on the number of occupiers within your household. One bedroom shall be allowed for each of the following categories of occupier (and each occupier shall come within only the first category which applies to them):

  1. a couple;
  2. a person who is aged 16 or over;
  3. two children of the same sex until they are 16;
  4. two children who are younger than 10 years old;
  5. a child (someone under 16);
  6. disabled children who cannot be expected to share will be allowed an additional room (from 04.12.2013, see note below).

Please note: If you or your partner have a need for overnight care that is provided by a non-resident carer(s) the law allows for an extra bedroom for that carer if:

  • You receive Disability Living Allowance at the middle or high rate

  • You have engaged someone to care for you at night, and you have an extra bedroom for them to use when they stay

  • The local authority is satisfied that you require the overnight care.

Please note: The law has now been changed to allow for an extra bedroom where a disabled child, who would normally be expected to share, is unable to do so as a result of their disability.

Disabled children can be considered for a room of their own if:

  • They are entitled to the highest or middle rate care component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA);

  • Their local authority is also satisfied that sharing a bedroom would pose either a risk of physical harm or cause frequent and significant disruption to either the disabled child or the child with whom they would normally be expected to share.


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