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Background to Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support - background 

The national Council Tax Benefit scheme ended on the 31 March 2013. Instead, all councils, including Poole, have had to develop their own Council Tax Support schemes to replace it.

The Government gave local councils less money to pay for their schemes. The funding reduction was based on previous expenditure on Council Tax Benefit, less 10 per cent. In Poole, £10.6 million was spent on Council Tax Benefit in 2011/12. This meant our budget for Council Tax Support in 2013/14 was reduced by more than £1 million. If we spend more than the Government give us for this scheme, we need to find the money locally.

The reduction in Government funding means all claimants, with the exception of pensioners and the most vulnerable, will have to pay something towards their Council Tax under the local scheme.

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The consultation period for the proposed changes to the scheme for the 2015/16 financial year closed on 31 October 2014.  The final decision on the new scheme has been made.  Please see here for further information on the changes.

Consultation on the initial scheme took place between 10 September 2012 and 5 November 2012.

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Poole’s scheme for 2015-16

Claimants who are of State Pension Credit Age continue to receive a similar level of help through Council Tax Support as they previously did through Council Tax Benefit.

If you or your partner are of working age, when calculating Council Tax Support your eligible Council Tax liability for Council Tax Support will be the lower of:

86% of the council tax charge for your property after any discounts or reductions that you are entitled to; or

86% of the council tax charge for a band C property after any discounts or reductions that you are entitled to.

Where the claimant or partner is in receipt of any of the following, Council Tax Support will be calculated on 100% of the eligible council tax charge –

  • War Disablement Pension

  • War Widows Pension

  • War Widows Disablement Pension

  • Disability Premium

  • Enhanced Disability Premium

  • Severe Disability Premium

  • Disabled Child Premium

  • Carer Premium or

  • Support Component within their Employment and Support Allowance

 Second Adult Reduction is not payable to working age claimants, it is only payable where the claimant is State Pension Credit Age.

For working age claimants where an amount of Council Tax Support is calculated and it is less than 50 pence per week, no amount will be granted by the Local Authority.

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