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Your Borough Of Poole

To find a phone number search for the service under the A-Z list below.

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Route One
Route 7
Route 32
Roundabout Sponsorship
Rossmore Library and Learning Centre
Rossmore Leisure Centre
Rossmore Children’s Centre
Rogue traders
Road Safety Engineering
Road Safety
Road Obstructions and Nuisance Vehicles
Road Markings and Signage
Road Maintenance
Road Closures and Diversions
Road Cleansing
Road Adoption
Rights of Way
Rights of the Child
Riding Establishment Licence
Richmond Fellowship - MH Recovery Service
Respite Care for Children with Disabilities
Respite Care for Adults
Residential Care for Children
Residential Care for Adults
Research and information
Reporting Prejudice Incidents
Report missed bin
Report it
Report a Streetlight Fault
Renting Private Accommodation
Rent in Advance and Deposit Loan Scheme
Renewing Library Books
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Registering a Marriage
Registering a Death
Registering a Building of Worship
Registering a Birth
Register to vote
Register food business
Register a food business
Regeneration in Poole Town Centre
Refuse and Recycling Collection and Disposal
Reducing Air Pollution
Recycling, Refuse and Garden Waste Collection...
Recycling Other Materials
Recycling Banks
Recycle - Large and Bulky Items
Recreation Grounds
Real Time Bus Information
Reablement Service (START)
Raising the Participation Age
Racism/Racist - Reporting Prejudice
Race Equality