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Your Borough Of Poole

To find a phone number search for the service under the A-Z list below.

Purbeck District Council
Publication Scheme
Public Transport
Public Toilets
Public Seating – donated
Public Entertainment Licence
Public Conveniences
Public Art
Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
Protecting Your Personal Information - Social...
Protecting Children
Property Finder
Property and Asset
Property Acquisition
Procurement Procedures
Privately Owned Trees
Private Sector Housing
Private Hire Vehicle Licence
Private Hire Operator Licence
Private Hire Drivers Licence
Private Fostering
Private Club Licence
Primary Schools
Pride in Poole
Pre-schools and Playgroups
Premises to Let
Prejudice Incident Reporting
Port Health
Poole's Strategic Assessment
Poole's Performance: Comprehensive Performance...
Poole's Golden Beaches
Poole Town Centre Management
Poole Tourism
Poole Safe Scheme
Poole Roadworks
Poole Park Tennis Courts
Poole Park Lake
Poole Park Concessions
Poole Park
Poole Parent Partnership Service (PoPPS)
Poole News
Poole Museum
Poole Lifeline
Poole Learning Disability Partnership (LDPB)
Poole Housing Partnership (PHP)
Poole Hospital
Poole Forum
Poole Drug and Alcohol Addiction Team
Poole Day Centre Room Hire
Poole Day Centre
Poole Crematorium
Poole Central Library
Poole Cemetery
Poole Carers Network
Poole Bridge Lifting Times
Poole Adult Learning
Poole - Cherbourg Twin Towns
Pollution Control
Policies, Strategies and Plans
Poisons Licence
Pleasure Boats Licence
Playing Fields
Playgroups and Pre-schools
Playground and Skate Park Maintenance
Play Areas
Plans, Strategies and Policies
Planning Working Group Meetings
Planning Poole - Annual Monitoring Report
Planning Permitted Development Enquiries
Planning Permission
Planning News
Planning Enquiries - FAQ's
Planning Enforcement Queries
Planning Enforcement Policy
Planning Documents - Copying Charges
Planning Decisions
Planning Committee - Agendas, Reports and Minutes
Planning Committee
Planning Applications and Decisions
Planning Applications - Which Pack do you Need?
Planning Applications - Data Protection and...
Planning Application Packs
Planning Application Forms
Planning Application Charges
Planning Appeals
Planning and Regeneration
Planning - Pre Application Advice
Planning – Community Infrastructure Levy
Physical or Restrictive Intervention (the use of)
Physical Disability Services
Phone Masts
Petroleum Storage
Pet Micro-Chipping
Pest Control
Performance Management
Penalty Charge Notices
Pedestrian Crossing or Signal Faults
Peacocks Tearooms
Paying for your Own Care and Support
Pay Policy Statement
Pathways Team
Past elections
Parkstone Library
Parkstone Cemetery
Parks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces
Parking Permits and Costs
Parking Locations
Parking Fines
Parking Enforcement
Park and Ride - Christmas
Park and Ride
Parents Service Directory
Parenting Support
PACT - Poole Addictions Community Team