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Benefits - Discretionary Housing Payment Application Form

Discretionary Housing Payments

If you are already receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support but the benefit payment amount does not cover your total rent / council tax bill, then you can apply for this additional payment. Please download and complete the PDF form on the right hand side of this page.

This is a discretionary payment and there is only a certain amount available to be spent in any year. There may be parts of your rent that this discretionary payment cannot help with, so please read the form carefully.

We aim to inform you in  writing  of  the  outcome  of  your application within 14 days of receipt of all necessary information, or as soon as  practicable  thereafter.

Please print the form, sign it and return it to the address on the right.

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Exceptional Hardship Payment

Provision  for  an  Exceptional  Hardship  Payment  has  been  set  up  by  the
Council  to  assist  applicants  for  Council  Tax  Support  who  are  facing
exceptional  hardship.  The  facility  has  been  created  to  provide  further
assistance  where  an  applicant  is  in  receipt  of  Council  Tax  Support  but  the level of Council Tax liability used to calculate support is limited.  
Exceptional Hardship Payments will be available to any applicant where their
daily  award  of  Council  Tax  Support  is  calculated  on  91.5%  of  their  daily Council  Tax  liability  (less  any  appropriate  discounts  and  non  dependant deductions).

Please see the 2013 Policy in the 'Downloads' section on this page.

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