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Discounts and Grants

Access to Leisure & Learning

Sports Funding for Individuals

Sports Funding for Groups

Council Tax & Business Rates

Notification of Moving

Set Up Direct Debit

Business Rates E-billing                              More


Hire a Beach Hut

Weekly Beach Car Park

Beach BBQ                  

Trees & Hedges

Work to a Protected Tree

Work to a Council Tree

Tree to be Protected                                    More

Roads & Transport              

Dropped Kerb

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Bus Pass

New Bus Pass                        

Planning & Building Regulations

Planning Permission

Tree Work Request

Building Notice Form


Premises Licence

Personal Licence

Temporary Event

Green/Open Spaces

Poole Park Tennis Fob

Fishing Permit

Community Event                                    More

Job Applications & Requests

Job Application

Freedom of Information


Bins, Waste & Recycling

Garden Waste 2015

Compost Bin


Your Neighbourhood             

Smoke Free Enquiry

Contaminated Land

Graffiti Removal

Libraries & Learning

Skills and Learning Enrolment

Library Membership


Births, Deaths & Marriages

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Children, Families & Caring  

Blue Badge

Access to Leisure & Learning

Adoption - Initial Inquiry